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.40 S&W Ammo – Its History and Usage

The deadly confrontation between FBI agents and bank robbers in Miami in 1986 resulted in the death of two agents and two bank robbers. Five agents received life-threatening wounds but survived. It became apparent to law enforcement officials that the ammunition that was used was extremely ineffective against their armored assailants.

Because of this tragedy, Smith and Wesson and Winchester formed a partnership to develop a round that would replicate the performance of the 10mm that was used by the FBI at that time. The Bureau recognized that the size of bullets is important and that they needed a larger cartridge to be more effective.

On January 17, 1990, the .40 S&W ammo cartridge was introduced to the firearms market. The FBI then switched to the .40 S&W and abandoned the 10mm, but it was still used by SWAT teams at the time.

Advantages of .40 S&W Ammo

The .40 S&W cartridge is popular with both law enforcement officials and civilians. It provides a boost in power, is shorter than a 9mm cartridge, and it fits the same size handgun frames that 9mm offers.
The .40 S&W has a heavier bullet that is larger in diameter adding to its excellent ballistic performance. Law-abiding citizens prefer the .40 Smith & Wesson for self-defense purposes. The .40 caliber cartridge has loads that are anywhere between 135-180 grain.

How .40 Smith and Wesson Ammunition Performs

Most law enforcement agencies applaud the overall performance of .40 Smith and Wesson rimless pistol ammunition because it offers better accuracy and superior stopping power.

Law-abiding citizens also prefer this caliber of ammo because of its accuracy and dependability in self-defense situations. Weight and recoil are also major considerations.

Range Training With 40 S&W

Full metal jacket (FMJ) rounds are used extensively by those in range training with 40 S&W ammunition. FMJ rounds are also known as ball rounds and do not expand on impact with the target. These are also cheaper than self-defense projectiles.

Steel-Cased .40 Smith and Wesson Ammo

Two of the largest importers of steel-case .40 S&W cartridges are Tula and Wolf. Each makes steel rounds that are designed for sporting pistol and range training purposes. 180-grain FMJ cartridge in 40 cal in a polymer coated steel case adds to the accuracy of this product while keeping costs low. This jacket is made of steel and copper with a lead core. One drawback to using steel-case 40 rounds is that they are not reloadable.

.40 Smith and Wesson Self Defense Ammo

There are a number of self-defense options available for the 40 S&W caliber. PMC's Starfire 40 S&W 180 Grain JHP is designed to stop targets immediately upon impact. It is 180 grain, has a brass casing, boxer primer, and it is reloadable.

There is also Winchester's 180 grain Ranger load. This 40 cal cartridge is excellent for self-defense because it is easier to handle and has less recoil. The 180 Ranger works well to stop any target, even though it has a lower velocity rate at 1000 FPS.

However, the jacketed hollow point (JHP) rounds found in Federal's HST ammo is preferred by most shooters for defensive purposes.

Is 40 S&W the Right Ammo Caliber For Me?

Choosing the best caliber is a matter of personal preference. Whether used in defense, on the range, or in competitive shooting, the 40 cal has its fans.

When comparing this one to other rounds such as the .45 ACP, it generates comparable energy because of its heavier weight. Another advantage is that it allows the magazine to hold more. Its versatility continues to make this a cartridge of choice for many with no sign of it losing its status any time soon.

A brief overview of the history and usage of the 45 ACP ammo cartridge.


The 40 Smith and Wesson ammo cartridge was developed in a joint effort by Smith and Wesson and Winchester in the late 1980s. This caliber is rare in that it was designed from the ground up as a law enforcement cartridge.

This is because the FBI issued a request for a better handgun ammo option after a deadly 1986 shootout in Miami. The popularity of the 40 S&W caliber grew fairly rapidly after the passage of the 1994 ban on magazines that could hold more than 10 rounds.

Shooters then and now appreciate the ballistics of 40 Cal ammo since it packs a lot of stopping power in a small package. In fact, the 40 caliber round offers the same ballistics as the slightly larger 10mm cartridge.

While not as popular as 9mm and 45 ACP calibers, 40 Smith and Wesson still enjoys wide use in the United States.

40 is another ammunition caliber that is cheaper when you buy in bulk. A great option for range and self-defense use, be sure to buy your 40 S&W ammo in bulk today!

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