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Looking for 9mm bulk ammo in stock? Then you’ve come to the right online gun store! 9mm Luger ammo is the world’s most widely used cartridge and has been in use for over 115 years! More than half of all law enforcement officers and the entire United States Army uses 9mm ammo as their standard-issue handgun ammo caliber, so you know you’re among great company! Pick up 1000 rounds of 9mm ammunition for cheap at BulkMunitions today!

Common 9mm Ammo Questions

What is the difference between 9mm ammo and 9mm Luger?
9mm ammo and 9mm Luger are actually the same calibers. It’s easy to get confused about it though since many ammunition manufacturers use one or the other name. Where there is a difference in 9mm caliber ammo is with 9mm NATO and 9mm +P ammo. Those designations are still the same caliber, they just have higher pressure when fired (also called “hotter” rounds). These rounds can usually be safely fired in most modern 9mm chambered firearms though.
Where to buy 9mm ammo?
While many folks buy their 9mm ammo in retail stores, more folks are buying 9mm Luger ammo online every day. Thanks to the easy of shopping, better bulk 9mm ammo prices, and wider ammunition selection, most folks prefer to buy online (especially when ammo shortages occur).
Can you ship 9mm ammo to California?
Yep, sure can. However, due to Proposition 63, all ammo must be shipped to a licensed FFL in California. That FFL will run a required background check on the purchaser as well. Make sure to bring at least two forms of ID with you for the ammo transfer!
Which 9mm ammo is the best for Glock 19?
Non-modified Glock 19 pistols do well with almost all new manufacture 9mm ammo. However, we’ve noticed brands like PMC and Federal American Eagle 9mm tend to run better in Glocks. Remanufactured 9mm Luger ammo can be touch and go though since Glocks have unsupported barrels that can cause case bulging or ruptures in pre-fired rounds.
Which 9mm ammo has the least recoil?
Most subsonic 9mm ammo with have a lower recoil since they are typically loaded to a lower pressure (in order to keep the velocities below the speed of sound). Also, very light grain weights have low recoil, since the firearm does not need to produce excessive force in order to fire the bullet.
Which 9mm ammo burns the cleanest?
Some of the cleanest burning 9mm ammo is Speer Lawman CleanFire 9mm ammo. While these rounds aren’t cheap (typically $0.05 to $0.10 per round higher than regular ball ammo) they use specialty “non-tox” primers, fully encapsulated bullets (TMJ), and very clean-burning powder. That makes them a great choice for indoor range shooting.
Which 9mm ammo does the FBI use?
As of 2018, the FBI uses Hornady Critical Duty® 9mm+P for handgun service ammunition. The FBI has used various rounds in the past though and many of those decisions are based both on cost and effectiveness (other rounds that have passed FBI protocol checks are Federal Law Enforcement P9HST1 124gr HST JHP ammo).
What 9mm ammo does the military use?
While you might think the US Military would use hollow point ammo like the police or FBI/CIA agents do, they actually can only use full metal jacket (FMJ) ammo, also known as “ball ammo.” This is because of the Geneva Convention that was agreed upon to not use “fragmenting rounds” in combat (although the US never signed that specific agreement, they have almost always abided by it).
What 9mm ammo is best for home defense?
When looking for 9mm ammo for home-defense, you’re typically most concerned with over penetration or penetration through walls. That’s why jacketed hollow point (JHP) ammunition like Federal HST can be a better option than FMJ ammo (JHP is less likely to over-penetrate a shot intruder and also slows down more when it hits drywall).
Is 9mm ammo all the same?
While the diameter of all 9mm Luger is the same, the similarity stops right there for many rounds. While most full metal jacket ammo is very similar (mainly changes in velocity, bullet composition, and powder/primer type) jacketed hollow point ammo tends to be more differentiated. From simple hollow point rounds that act more like ball ammo (i.e. “wad” up when they hit) to high-end fragmenting rounds that disperse “petals” when they strike a soft target.
Is 9mm ammo subsonic?
Most 9mm ammo is not subsonic. However, there are a handful of rounds that are. The main thing to do is to check the box to see if it’s subsonic or not. Almost all makers of subsonic 9mm Luger ammo will make a very effort to point that fact out. Typically, you can expect almost all 158-grain FMJ 9mm ammo to be subsonic, though.
Can 9mm ammo go bad?
Yes and no. If 9mm ammo is improperly stored for long periods of time (i.e. in hot, humid conditions) the ammo can corrode and the components of the rounds rendered inoperable (or have very reduced potency). To prevent 9mm ammo from “going bad” it’s recommended you store the rounds in a cool dry place. A sealed ammo can with a pack of desiccant stored in a protected closet in your home can help 9mm ammo last almost indefinitely.
Can you use any 9mm ammo?
While most 9mm rounds can be used in any firearm chambered for 9mm Luger (or 9x19mm), some rounds should not be haphazardly used. Rounds that are designated 9mm Luger +P, 9mm Luger +P+, or 9mm NATO should only be used in firearms that strictly allow for their use. While the rounds will chamber in any pistol, they hit higher pressures when fired and can damage guns not rated for their use. If in doubt, check your owner’s manual (or just stick to regular 9x19mm ammo).

The Invention and Use of Bulk 9mm Ammo

While a hot button issue in modern society, it's entirely possible that guns and ammunition are some of the most polarizing topics in the world today. There's a better chance than not that you or someone you know believes in the ownership and responsible use of firearms. Whether you're in a career field that mandates regular firearm training, shooting for fun at the range, or a gun owner who simply believes in his or her right to self-defense, guns are a part of our lives. Perhaps no ammunition, at least as far as handguns go, is as prevalent as 9mm ammo.

The Origins of 9mm Luger

At the turn of the 20th century, every major military in the world had realized that it was time to move on from their single-shot .45″ bore black powder rifles. The transition to .30″ caliber smaller rifles caused those who preferred the better velocity, smaller weapons to begin to discuss the concept of 30 caliber handguns in addition to the rifles they were already using. Near the end of the 1800s, multiple versions of these service pistols which would shoot 30 caliber rounds were created. Arguably, the most famous of these being the Model 1900 Luger.

The Luger 1900 was patented by Georg Luger as an improvement on the model 1892 Borchardt. Georg was looking for a way to make the bullets move at an even higher rate of speed than the men who came before him. These changes would pave the way for the introduction of the 9×19 ammo cartridge in 1902 that would forever shape the landscape of handguns. That cartridge has been the most popular form of ammo ever since.

American Involvement with 9mm Ammo

In 1908, firearms giant John Moses Browning introduced his own version of the widely loved ammo 9×19 cartridge to the American audience before taking it to Europe in 1912. By the end of WW2, the higher velocity bullet of the 9mm was being used worldwide.

FMJ vs JHP 9×19 Ammo

Today, 9mm ammo is the go-to of essentially every military and government agency around the world today. NATO even strictly recognizes 9mm Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) as its official ammo. FMJ ammo meets the requirements of Declaration III of the Hague Convention of 1899 which expressly prohibits the use of expanding ammo in warfare. Jacketed Hollow Point rounds (JHP) are widely considered the best type of round to use in a 9mm for self-defense, but the expansion upon contact of the JHP disqualifies it under the rules of Declaration III.

Modern Use of 9x19mm Parabellum

Later in the 20th century, the 9mm picked up traction in the civilian world in addition to its military presence. The creation of multiple options in single and double action handguns caused citizens across the United States to look into this as an option for their own personal use. By the 1980s in the 1990s, state police forces across America adopted the 9 as their official handgun, as did the US Military.

Cheap 9mm Ammo For Sale Online

It's certainly hard to imagine that the gun makers of the late 1800s realized that they had created something that would revolutionize the world of guns and ammunition for generations to come. Whether it be at the range, in military or police service, or for personal self-defense, there's a reason that the 9mm has become the gold standard in handguns. So, if you're looking for cheap 9mm ammo, you can get it in bulk right here at BulkMunitions.com!

Video of History and Usage of 9mm Luger

A brief overview of the history and usage of 9mm Luger ammunition by BulkMunitions.com

Video Transcription:

The 9mm ammo cartridge was invented by Georg Luger in 1902 Germany. Also known by a number of different names, such as 9mm Luger, 9x19mm Parabellum, and 9mm NATO.

9mm is now the most commonly used handgun caliber in the world. It became popular in the United States during the 1980s. This rise in popularity was partly due to the U.S. Armed Forces adopting the caliber in 1985 with the Beretta M9.

The 9mm caliber as a whole delivers a lighter recoil than almost any other mainstream centerfire handgun caliber. Its smaller bullet diameter also means you get higher magazine capacities.

Even better, 9mm tends to be the cheapest centerfire ammo caliber you can buy in bulk! A staple of almost any arsenal, be sure to buy your 9mm ammo in bulk today!

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