38 Special – 129 gr. JHP +P – Federal Hydra-Shok (P38HS1) – 500 Rounds

  • Quantity – 500 Rounds (25 Boxes of 20 Rounds)
  • Manufacturer – Federal Personal Defense
  • Bullet – 129 Grain Hydra-Shok JHP +P (Jacketed Hollow Point)
  • Casing – New Nickel-Plated Boxer-Primed Brass

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Do you carry a .38 snubnose as a backup or self-defense option? Are you in search of a round that will allow you to achieve better penetration & stopping power? Then you need to pick up a case of Federal Hydra-Shok .38 Special 129gr. JHP+P.

This round utilizes a 129gr. notched jacketed hollow point designed to deliver improved energy transfer, resulting in superior stopping power. Because this is a low recoil round shooters will also benefit from better control, a vital component needed to achieve fast, accurate follow-up shots from short barreled revolvers.

The Hydra-Shok jacketed hollow point has been a favorite among law enforcement and self-defense experts since its introduction in 1989. It has been proven to deliver superior accuracy and devastating expansion on impact. If you are carrying a short-barreled revolver for self-defense you owe it to yourself to use what the experts rely on.

Each round is produced domestically using new, first run components including a nickel-plated case, 129gr. Hydro-Shok jacketed hollow point and boxer primer. These +P rounds are loaded to a higher pressure than a standard .38 Special round and users of older firearms should ensure they are approved for use of such ammunition.

Ammo Caliber

38 Special

Bullet Type


Bullet Weight

129 Grain


Nickel-Plated Brass





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