380 Auto – 102 Grain JHP – Remington Gold Saber (GS380B) – 500 Rounds

  • Quantity – 500 Rounds (20 Boxes of 25 Rounds)
  • Manufacturer – Remington Golden Saber
  • Bullet – 102 Grain JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point)
  • Casing – New Nickel-Plated Boxer-Primed Brass

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If you carry a .380 Auto for self-defense you know it is important to pair it with high-performance ammunition. This is why the Remington Gold Saber .380 Auto 102gr. JHP is a round you need to add to your arsenal.

The first thing you will notice is each round utilizes a revolutionary jacketed hollow point with a jacket constructed entirely of cartridge brass. The result is improved energy release over a greater distance and near-perfect mushrooming.

When combined with the spiral nose cuts this revolutionary jacket allows users to shoot lower velocity ammunition without sacrificing penetration or terminal performance. Just what you need when depending on a smaller caliber auto for self-defense.

Each round also features nickel-plated brass casing and waterproofed primer & mouth, resulting in better feeding/extraction and increased reliability.

Law enforcement agencies and self-defense experts have relied on the Golden Saber to deliver high performing, precision ammunition since its introduction. You owe it to yourself to trust your own safety with a round that has been proven in real-world scenarios and accepted by professionals for their own safety.

This ammunition is produced domestically using only new 102 grain Gold Saber jacketed hollow point bullets, nickel-plated brass casing and boxer primers.

Designed for performance under pressure, the highly capable, deep penetrating Golden Saber 380 ACP Brass Jacket Hollow Points are professionally engineered by Remington with law enforcement and self-defense mind. Featuring an entirely brass cartridge jacket, this formidable handgun ammunition uses the highly capable “hollow-point” design for maximum expansion and an uncompromising approach to knock-down stopping power.

Make the most of your 380 ACP, with top-quality ammunition from a recognized leader in Remington, featuring:

  • Near 100% weight retention
  • Nickel-plated for reliable feed, function, and extraction
  • Releases more energy thanks to the excellent expansion

With an uncompromising approach to quality and performance, Remington leads the way in terms of high-performance reliability while out in the field. Trust an established and reputable name when it comes to equipping yourself with a truly capable set of tools when it comes to self-defense or job-level performance. Be sure to pick up your case of Remington Golden Saber 380 ACP 102 gr BJHP GS380B 500 Rounds today and enjoy professional accuracy and power from ammunition you can rely on.

Ammo Caliber

380 ACP

Bullet Type


Bullet Weight

102 Grain


Nickel-Plated Brass





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