7.62x39mm – 122 gr FMJ – Tula (UL076240) – 1000 Rounds

  • Quantity – 1,000 Rounds (25 boxes of 40 rounds per box)
  • Manufacturer – Tula
  • Bullet – 122 Grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket)
  • Casing – New Berdan-Primed Steel

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This 7.62x39mm 122gr FMJ ammo from Tula offers saving, consistent performance and top quality from a state-of-the-art factory. Get the most from your AK-47 with this ammunition that’s great for hunting, target shooting or home defense.

If you are a bulk shooter who has wished that you could experience the cost savings available from Eastern European ammunition manufacturers but previously disappointed by the lack of quality & performance? Then you need to reconsider and give Tula Ammo a try.

Tula Ammo is a division of Tula Cartridge Works, a company that has been a leading producer of ammunition since 1880. Now, they offer a wide range of small-arms ammunition for training, self-defense, and hunting around the world.

Breaking the Eastern European stereotype, Tula focuses on producing economical, reliable ammunition from a state-of-the-art factory. Plus they’re supported by over 200 years of experience and modern ammunition science.

Each 7.62×39 122 gr. FMJ round is produced using a zinc-coated full metal jacket round rather than the previous bi-metal round. This change has resulted in a 10-15% accuracy increase. Because the zinc is chemically bonded to the core this method also provides a more uniform and consistent surface than machine stamped bi-metal jackets.

A polymer-coated steel case and Berdan primer completes each round. Tula ammunition is also specially tested to withstand a wider range of weather conditions and has been proved to provide consistent performance in temperatures ranging from -20C to +50C (-4F to 122F).

The 7.62×39 – 122gr FMJ – Tula offers saving, consistent performance and top quality from a state-of-the-art factory- perfect for hunting, target shooting or self-defense.

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