7.62x51mm – 149 gr FMJ – Federal (XM80C) – 500 Rounds


  • Quantity – 500 Rounds (500 Rounds Loose Pack)
  • Manufacturer – Federal Lake City
  • Bullet – 149 Grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket)
  • Casing – New Boxer-Primed Brass

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Are you in search of a quality, accurate 7.62 Mil-Spec round for your AR platform rifle for plinking and long-range target shooting? Then you need to pick up a case of 7.62x51mm 149gr. FMJ Federal (XM80C).

This bulk packaged 500 round case is the top quality and accurate full metal jacket ammunition that you want for 3 gun, plinking or long distance practice.

Each round is produced utilizing never-fired virgin brass, 149-grain steel core magnetic copper plated jacket, and non-corrosive boxer primers. Yes, this round will attract a magnet and may not be allowed on some ranges.

Thanks to the combination of top-quality brass and boxer primers you will get both top-performing first run ammunition. You will also enjoy the ability to reload each round up to 7 times for continued savings.

These are Federal Lake City Mil-Spec ammunition overruns available to the civilian market. This means the everyday shooter has access to the same training ammunition our military and law enforcement rely on.

This is American ammunition is brand new using only first-run brass, boxer primers, and steel-core bullets for a non-corrosive & reloadable platform.

Weight 33 lbs
Ammo Caliber

7.62x51mm NATO

Bullet Type


Bullet Weight

149 Grain







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