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Building Your Stockpile: Everything You Need to Know About Ammo Storage

If you’re a gun owner (especially a new gun owner), then you should understand how important it is to respect your weapon. Guns are not toys, and treating them as such will only end in disaster. And that doesn’t just go for your assault rifles and pistols — it also goes for everything related to your guns. That includes gun accessories, cases, and most of all — ammunition. By not having the right ammo storage, you risk more than just losing some of your valuable rounds.

Protecting ammo isn’t the only purpose behind finding the right ammo storage solutions for you. Unlike weapons, ammo can have a shelf life, especially if improperly stored. If you don’t store your ammunition right, you risk your ammo losing its ability to do its job.

The longer that your ammunition is stored in poor conditions, the more chance it has to misfire or squib (if it fires at all). Yet, finding the right the ammunition storage can be as hard as finding the right weapon for the range. There are tons of options with a bunch of different strengths and weaknesses.

Keep reading below to learn how to store your ammo in bulk the right way! 

Investing in Ammo Storage isn’t Just Smart, It’s Responsible

A quick trip to the range can be so fun that you forget the power that you’re wielding in your hands. Yet, it’s always to remember that no matter how fun it may be to fire your gun, they can also be dangerous.

You need to treat guns as if they can go off at any time, and potentially hurt someone. It doesn’t matter how confident you are that a gun isn’t loaded — always treat it as if there is a bullet in the chamber. Your respect for firearms also shouldn’t stop at guns; bullets should be respected too.

Guns Aren’t Toys, and Neither is Ammo

Contained within every bullet are four simple components. Keep in mind they contain gunpowder and ignition elements that can explode under the right conditions. A gun is just a tool used to ignite the primer, you don’t need a gun for a bullet to go off. It can also ignite under extreme heat, or if something strikes the primer in just the right way.

Think About the Climate You Store Ammo In

The first thing you need to think about is the climate that you store your ammo in. Keeping it in extremely hot areas (like a car) can be dangerous since it can lead to some bullets going off on their own. All it can take is a single spark, and hot environments are conducive to things catching on fire.

However, climates that are too humid can wear down your ammunition and make it unusable. The moisture in the air can interfere with the gunpowder and primer inside the bullets, which may make it unfireable. Storing your ammunition in an environment that is too humid can leave you with a pile of unusable bullets!

It’s best to keep your bullets in a moderate and temperate climate, where you don’t need to worry about the weather wearing down on their quality. You should store them in an environment that’s between 55 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. You should also make sure to control the humidity they’re in, to make sure they last as long as possible!

Keep Everything Organized, Don’t Mix Shells

When you store anything, you want to make sure it’s organized — ammunition included. It’s best to organize your ammunition storage by ammunition type. Your rifle ammo should have an area of its own, and so should your handgun ammo.

Yet, separating your ammo by the type of gun it’s used in isn’t enough. You should further separate the caliber of bullets, so your 9mm ammunition doesn’t get mixed in with your .45 ammo. Within that, you may also have different types of bullets, such as full-metal jacket ammunition or hollow-point rounds.

Simply put, you should make sure there is a spot for all different kinds of ammunition in your ammo storage solution. As long as all of your different ammo types are separate, they will be easily accessible. Plus, you’ll be able to keep track of when you’re running low on one type or another and you’ll end up with a clearer sense of your ammo inventory.

It Can Backfire to Keep Magazines Loaded

Some people like to keep their magazines loaded as an easy way to separate ammo types. However, keeping magazines loaded can wear down on their spring mechanisms and lead to increased wear and tear. It may seem like a simple solution to keep your magazines loaded, but it can backfire when your magazine stops working.

Instead, you can use your magazines to identify which kind of ammo goes where. Keep your 9mm ammo with your 9mm magazines so that you can easily identify which goes where, and grab it if you need it! 

Ammunition: Use it or Lose It?

It’s important to remember that ammo can have a shelf life, just like everything. If you store rounds improperly for too long, they may not fire when you need them to most. The better condition you store your ammunition in, the more likely it will fire when you pull the trigger. Besides, when you can buy cheap brass 9mm ammo in bulk, why not spend more time on the range?

It is also a good idea to keep your ammo sorted in order of the date you purchased it. That way, the first box you purchased will be the last one you use and your ammo supply will last longer!

Respect Ammo Just As Much As You Respect Guns

You should invest in ammo storage just as much as you invest in your weapons or your accessories. Just because you lose it after you fire it doesn’t mean you should skimp on your ammo, too. By investing in the right ammo, your weapons will last longer and you less filth will accumulate inside its mechanisms.

If you treat your weapon and your ammo right, they will treat you right too. And to learn more about how to take care of your weapons and your ammunition, just keep reading our blog here! We make sure to keep all of our customers informed on how to best care for their weapons!

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