9mm vs 45 gun comparison guide

9mm vs 45 – Which Is Better?

It's an argument as old as time. The debate has crossed the minds of anyone entering a gun shop, attending a gun show or browsing online shooting forums. The benefits of stopping power behind a .45 ...
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How To Clean A Pistol Guide Blog Cover

How to Clean a Pistol: A Complete Guide

Whether you're thinking about buying a gun for the first time or are a seasoned owner, looking after your gun is a vital part of gun safety. Knowing how to clean a pistol and doing this ...
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9mm vs 380 Ammo and Gun Comparison Guide

9mm vs. 380— Which is Right for You?

If you are ready for a handgun purchase for self-defense, you have considerations before making your decision. Given the popularity, you would think the only choice is a 9mm Luger gun; this is not true. Today, ...
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9mm vs 40 - Which caliber to choose

9mm vs 40 – Which caliber to choose?

Buying ammo for your handgun might be as simple as picking between two of the most popular calibers available. 40 caliber and 9mm ammo, for instance, have become popular among experienced handgun users who know when ...
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Self defense weapons

The Best Self Defense Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns of 2020

As Americans, one of our greatest rights and freedoms comes from our 2nd Amendment. This is something to take advantage of. We should be able to protect ourselves from others and from any possible tyranny. Owning self-defense ...
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556 vs 223 Ammo Comparison Chart

5.56 vs 223 Ammo – What’s the Difference?  19 Things You Need To Know

Any beginner shooter faces challenges when it comes to selecting the right ammo for shooting. Bullets that are closely similar in all but a few aspects make optimum use under different conditions. In this article, we ...
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9mm luger vs 38 special comparison bar chart

9mm Luger vs 38 Special – A Battle of the Two Best Calibers In The World

Today, we'll be comparing the .38 Special to the 9mm Luger caliber. It might seem like an easy comparison on the surface. Yet, in reality, it can get very complicated, as you shall see. So to ...
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shooting range training

WARNING: Here’s What Every New Gun Owner Needs To Know About Shooting Range Training

Three out of every ten American adults currently own a gun. For many of these gun owners, their weapons are a means of keeping themselves, their families, and their property safe. However, many gun owners also ...
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4 Key Pieces of Prepping You’ll Want to Know

It's not likely that a disaster scenario will surface. But, this doesn't mean that it's impossible. As we've seen with the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, though, the entire world can experience radical change overnight. Those who ...
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