How to Start Hunting

How to Start Hunting: What to Know Before You Go

Hunting is the oldest sport on earth. People have been hunting animals for food for millions of years. It is one of the most direct connections man can have with nature in a society that seems ...
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ammo storage

Building Your Stockpile: Everything You Need to Know About Ammo Storage

If you're a gun owner (especially a new gun owner), then you should understand how important it is to respect your weapon. Guns are not toys, and treating them as such will only end in disaster. ...
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Self-Defense Gun Classes Banner

4 Reasons Why You Should Take Firearm Self-Defense Training Classes

Owning a firearm shouldn't be taken lightly; it's one of the most important tools in your life and should be taken seriously. A firearm can mean life or death, and having proper gun self-defense training can ...
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Understanding Gun Safety

Gun Safety Basics, Common Questions

Knowing and understanding gun safety is crucial for any gun owner. Whether you've shot firearms your whole life, getting back into the sport after a number of years, or just getting started, you must know how ...
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How to Clean a Bolt Action Rifle - Ultimate Guide

How to Clean a Bolt Action Rifle

The first cool mornings of fall are upon us, signaling the beginning of hunting season (or for some quality time on the shooting range). As hunters, we know our rifle is the most important piece of ...
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Will Walmart’s New Ammo Policy Hurt Their Profits

Will Walmart’s New Ammo Policy Hurt Their Profits?

With an ever-increasing pressure from, Walmart has decided to stop the sale of ammunition. For a while now, the retail giant has faced a tough position by reason of several high-profile mass shootings that have spurned ...
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What to Expect on Your First Day at the Gun Range

What to Expect on Your First Day at the Gun Range

Your first trip to the gun range can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking time. To help you make the most of your time (and ammo), we put together an introductory article that will help you shed ...
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What Are the Basic Parts of Ammunition - Blog Post Guide

What Are the Basic Parts of Ammunition?

Let us help you learn about one of the foundations of shooting – ammunition. Without it, your firearm is nothing more than a giant paperweight. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss what ammunition is, dispel ...
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Where to find free shooting targets online

Free Shooting Targets? Yes, Please!

We recently had the opportunity to connect with Brandon over at and we're loving all free shooting targets he has on the website! They've got a wide range of targets you can use to hone your ...
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