What Are the Basic Parts of Ammunition?

Let us help you learn about one of the foundations of shooting – ammunition. Without it, your firearm is nothing more than a giant paperweight. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss what ammunition is, dispel ...
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Free Shooting Targets? Yes, Please!

We recently had the opportunity to connect with Brandon over at and we're loving all free shooting targets he has on the website! They've got a wide range of targets you can use to hone your ...
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Brass vs. Steel Ammo – Which is the Best Ammunition for Your AR-15?

Are you the proud owner of a new .223 Remington chambered rifle, looking for reliable, accurate ammunition? Are you a bit confused when it comes to where you stand on the brass vs. steel ammo debate? ...
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Storing Ammunition: The 13 Tips Every Gun Owners Needs To Know

Ammunition is as much an investment as the firearms it is used in. Whether you are spending a few dollars on a box of range rounds or hundreds of dollars on self-defense ammo or specialty hunting ...
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