Where to find free shooting targets online

Free Shooting Targets? Yes, Please!

We recently had the opportunity to connect with Brandon over at Targets4Free.com and we’re loving all free shooting targets he has on the website!

They’ve got a wide range of targets you can use to hone your shooting skills (and since you buy ammo in bulk, you can get plenty of practice in at the range!).

There are targets everywhere from bad guy targets (Osama Bin Laden) to zombie targets to competition style targets.

We thought it was really great that Targets4Free also has a number of “simulated” trick shot or exhibition shooting style targets. The idea behind those targets is that you’re typically shooting at very tiny details on the paper. A great way to improve (or show off…) your shooting skills!

You’ve also got to love they feature free Project Appleseed targets too. From 10-yard to 15-yard to “Red Coat” targets. Great way to support an awesome grassroots shooting idea!

Oh, and if you didn’t notice, there are also a handful of hunting and pest targets you can download (personally, we like the vintage Squirrel Silhouette Target).

Be sure you dig around the dozens and dozens of targets Brandon has on his site so you can find the one you love the most (and want to blast full of holes at the range!).

How to Get Free Shooting Targets

Getting the targets is literally as easy as clicking on the image and either downloading it to your computer or printing it right away on your home or office printer.

Be sure to let us know which ones you love the most (and let Brandon know about any ones you’d love to see him offer soon on his website).

Maybe we’ll bug Brandon one of these days to make us some awesome BulkMunitions targets (that you’d be able to download for free, of course!). Any takers?!

So, save money, buy your ammunition in bulk and print your shooting targets for free online!

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