5.56x45mm – 62 gr FMJ M855 – Federal (XM855FF30) – 600 Rounds

  • Quantity – 600 Rounds (20 Cans of 30 Rounds)
  • Manufacturer – Federal
  • Bullet – 62 Grain FMJ M855 (Full Metal Jacket Green Tip)
  • Casing – New Boxer-Primed Brass

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Are you an AR owner looking for quality ammunition that can be safely stored for long periods? Consider Federal’s 5.56x45mm 62 grain FMJ M855 (XM855FF30).

This ammunition is stored in 30 rounds cans, and each can is sealed with inert nitrogen for superior resistance to the elements. No more need for ammo cans, dehumidifiers, or special packaging— whatever the future holds, this ammunition will be ready to perform when you need it most.

This ammunition is manufactured to NATO M855 specifications and is easily identified by the green steel tip. Each round features a 62-grain 5.56x45mm Full Metal Jacket bullet, non-corrosive Boxer primer, and brass case. The boat tail round provides added stability at extended ranges while the non-corrosive primer makes it safe for use in your modern sporting rifle.

Packed in Federal’s Lake City plant, these cans contain 30 rounds each and are available in a 600 round cases. Whether you are preparing for the future or just your next range trip, Federal has you covered.

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