7.62x39mm – 122gr HP – Tula (UL076205) Spam Can – 640 Rounds

  • Quantity – 640 Rounds (Spam Can)
  • Manufacturer – Tula
  • Bullet – 122 Grain HP (Hollow Point)
  • Casing – New Berdan-Primed Steel

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Looking to store your 7.62x39mm ammo for the long term? Then pick up a Tula 7.62x39mm “SPAM can” sealed metal ammo tin.

While these sealed metal cans might look like Soviet surplus ammo, they’re actually newly manufactured in Russia, so you know you’ll get decades of prime storage out of them!

If you are a 7.62 x 39 fan who measures happiness by the number of rounds you can put down range you know that that happiness is often tempered by the high cost of ammunition. Fortunately, there is an alternative – Tula Ammo’s 7.62×39 122 gr. HP, the perfect combination of cost savings, quality, and performance from a time-tested manufacturer.

Eastern European ammunition manufacturers have a bad reputation; known for producing cheap, even dangerous or damaging products that lack quality control and are often a military surplus of the Soviet Era. Tula is different. They are a subsidiary of Tula Cartridge Works, which has been in business since 1880 and a leading provider of small arms ammunition around the world backed by a top-notch factory using state of the art science in to develop cost-efficient ammunition without sacrificing quality.

Each round is constructed utilizing 122-grain zinc jacketed hollow point bullet, non-corrosive Berdan primer, and a phosphate polymer-coated steel casing. This combination provides a high level of terminal ballistics, consistent velocities, and energy retention downrange. Each 640 round pack is delivered in a tin “Spam can” type container for easy storage. All at a fraction of the cost competitors charge.

The 7.62 x 39 122 gr HP Tula is an excellent choice for the hunter or target shooter looking for a cost-effective yet reliable round suitable for use in all bolt action or semi-automatic rifles and carbines.

In each SPAM can is 640 rounds of 122 gr HP steel-cased ammo. Berdan-primed and non-corrosive, your AK-47 will eat these rounds up!

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