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The Best Self Defense Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns of 2020

As Americans, one of our greatest rights and freedoms comes from our 2nd Amendment. This is something to take advantage of. We should be able to protect ourselves from others and from any possible tyranny. Owning self-defense weapons is a wonderful freedom that we have. It behooves all Americans to learn how to properly use a self-defense weapon. We should also know what are the best self-defense firearms are for 2020.

The 2020 Guide to the Best Self Defense Firearms

Whether you are new to the world of self-defense or are a seasoned amateur, you want to always be up to date on the latest and greatest self-defense weapons. 

Weaponry is becoming more and more sophisticated. Whether it is guns or other types of weapons, today’s American man has many options to protect himself, his property, and his loved ones.

We encourage you to practice these weapons in a safe environment before deciding which ones are best for you.

Let’s dive in and explore the best self-defense weapons. These are some of the most common firearms you’ll be able to find.

1. Smith & Wesson – M&P 9M2.0

It should come as no surprise that a Smith & Wesson model is popular. Their handguns are a favorite amongst Americans. 

Among these handguns, we recommend the Smith & Wesson Military and Police (M&P) 9M2.0 9mm as a great pistol option. You can purchase the gun in Flat Dark Earth or Matte Black color. 

This is a lightweight handgun coming in just under 2 pounds, so you won’t much notice it even after a full day of carrying. It is a semi-automatic handgun that can hold up to 17 rounds.

It comes with two magazines and is a preferred handgun for many police departments. If you need a basic handgun to protect yourself, this is a worthy option.

2. Ruger SP101 357 Mag 5720 2.25″ Revolver

If you want a smaller and lightweight handgun, this Ruger model will be right up your alley. This is also one of the most powerful handguns available, and it is made for beginners and seasoned gun owners alike.

This handgun can use the 357 Magnum and 327 Federal Magnum cartridges—which are both very powerful in addition to more affordable 38 Special ammo (including 38 Special +P). The revolver has a grip built for reducing recoil after firing. 

If you need a stronger handgun to protect yourself this may be the best option. The revolver is hammerless which means that you don’t have to worry about your gun getting caught on clothing as you pull it in a dire situation. Additionally, the hammerless design makes for a more comfortable carry (especially if you appendix carry).

3. Beretta M9A1 9mm Pistol

A 9mm pistol is a standard issue for defense and the best option available for open carry or home defense is the Beretta M9A1. This type of pistol is a favorite for the United States military. These are used particularly by the Marine Corps.

With this gun, you can attach additional accessories such as laser aiming devices, tactical devices, among many others. The Beretta M9A1 uses the 3-dot sight system which makes it easier to aim and accurately hit your target. 

The grip is sturdy and easy to hold onto in. It allows for quick reloading as well. The length of the gun is 8.5 inches, with the barrel reaching 4.9 inches. When it is not loaded it weighs at just under 40 ounces. While rather hefty, that additional weight helps reduce felt recoil and muzzle flip.

This is one of the best options for protecting yourself. If you have more experience with guns, you may wish to opt for this one.

4. Mossberg 500

Sometimes, a handgun will not be enough. Sometimes you want to opt for a more powerful, larger gun. The Mossberg 500 is a pump-action shotgun. It is a popular shotgun used by law enforcement.

You can easily change the gun’s barrel, stocks, and it’s fore-ends. Since it is a shotgun, you can quickly fire rounds. This is, of course, a very high-powered weapon. You should know how to use a shotgun – this is certainly not for a first-time gun owner.

If you are considering purchasing a Mossberg 500 make sure you get the appropriate training to learn how to use it properly.

5. Glock G41 G4

You have probably heard of the Glock before. It remains one of the most reliable and popular handgun options. It improves weight distribution, making it an easy gun to grip and use. 

It also allows for maximizing the radius of your aim. This also increases the accuracy of your shooting. This model allows interchangeable backstraps as well as a reversible magazine.

The Glock weighs 1.5 pounds and is able to reduce recoil after being fired. When purchasing the Glock, you will receive 3 magazines. Each of these magazines can hold 13 rounds.

If you were to only purchase one handgun, then you may as well opt for the Glock G41. It works with .45 ACP ammunition. The gun’s overall length is 8.9 inches—with the barrel coming at 5.31 inches. It is easy to grip.

However, it is not ideal for concealing and carrying due to its long size. This is best for keeping at home and using if an intruder attacks you.

6. Sig Sauer P226 MK25

This handgun should get more credit than it does. It is one of the best options for a handgun. It is used by the U.S. Navy Seals, meaning that it is an effective weapon for protection.

This is a long-lasting gun and can be used by beginners and seasoned gun owners alike. It is a durable gun and has the ideal ergonomic design for easily gripping the gun and firing when needed.

It is an easy gun to use; its long barrel makes it easier for you to fire accurately and hit your target. The barrel is 4.4 inches long and has the apparatus to attach accessories. It comes with 3 magazines that can each hold up to 15 rounds.

It has a high-performance sighting ability that has a high-grade light transmission. It also doesn’t produce any distortion. There are also manual settings to adjust the illumination to your liking.

It has a red dot feature to shine a red laser dot on your target. This makes it easier to know where the gun is aimed. This helps you increase your accuracy in hitting your target. The gun is also motion sensed. This means it is powered when it detects motion (such as you holding it) and it powers down when motion is not sensed.

It is one of the more expensive guns, but if you are looking for a high-tech option and want to make sure you have an easier time hitting your target, this is a great choice.

7. Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum 3″ Revolver

This revolver is one of the most powerful options on the list. If you are looking for stopping power, this is the gun to purchase. Stopping power refers to the ability to incapacitate a person. Unfortunately, at times you may need to do this. If so, you want to be prepared.

While this revolver may seem intense, it is actually a great option for first-time gun owners. It has a three-inch barrel and a medium-sized frame. This is complemented by a Hogue Monogrip rubber grip system. This makes it easier to grip the gun while firing and reduces the fatigue that comes when consistently firing.

The revolver can use a .357 Magnum cartridge as well as .38 special cartridges.

This revolver is also equipped with safety features and is easy to maintain. It has a built-in transfer bar that prevents any accidental discharge. It is easy to disassemble and reassemble and very easy to clean. There are no specific tools needed for maintaining this revolver. 

If you’re looking for a powerful revolver that is easy to handle, this is a great option. It can be heavy for some owners, so make sure you test it out first. It can also only hold 6 rounds at a time.

8. Remington 870

The Remington 870 is a classic shotgun. It has been sold since 1951 and is a favorite amongst American gun owners. If you have ever been interested in purchasing a rifle, but also like the performance of a shotgun—then this is your perfect choice.

It is a pump shotgun traditionally used for hunting, particularly for shooting birds. But it can also be used as a self-defense weapon for any American looking to protect themselves, their home, and their loved ones. You can purchase one in black or in hardwood if you prefer the classic aesthetic.

The barrel is 18.5 inches long. This is an affordable gun, usually retailing at $400. It comes with a twin-barrel and one can add an additional barrel for an extra cost.

We suggest training in the use of a shotgun and long-range shooting before purchasing a Remington 870. Nevertheless, this is a great gun and a perfect option for defending your home from possible intruders.

9. Colt Expanse M4

The automatic rifle (AR) design was developed by Eugene Stoner. This was a military design that eventually caught on with civilian Americans. AR guns are a great option for self-defense. And among automatic rifles, the Colt Expanse M4 truly stands out.

It is a single-action trigger with built-in safety measures as well as manual safety measures. The barrel is 16.1 inches long. This gun can be customized to your liking—you have the option to change the triggers, the sight options, and many other features.

As a semi-automatic weapon can fire rounds at a much faster rate, this is not a gun for beginners. It is crucial that you learn how to properly use it before opting to purchase one.

10. Taurus Judge

This gun has been around for over a decade and doesn’t always get the credit that it deserves.

It is a heavy and beefy handgun with a longer cylinder than most handguns—though with a short barrel. It can be used with .45 Colt ammunition and .410 shotshells. In spite of its beefiness, it only weighs 29 ounces. The length of the gun is 7.5 inches. It uses a double-action revolver and can hold up to 7 rounds of bullets.

If you want an easy-to-use and concealable handgun, this is a great option for defending your home. Taurus also advertises “The Judge” as being perfect for defending your car from being stolen.

11. Heckler & Koch – VP9

Heckler & Koch have a great reputation for producing some of the best handguns available. These are on the pricier side but are a great option for an experienced gun owner. 

The VP9 is a superb handgun. VP stands for ‘Volkspistole’ which translates to ‘The People’s Pistol.’ It has a stellar ergonomic design, making it easy to grip and handle while firing. The controls are ambidextrous—working perfectly for left-handed and right-handed shooters. 

This is a single-action handgun with a built-in safety feature. The gun cannot be fired unless this safety mechanism is tightly squeezed. This significantly reduces the risk of accidentally firing the gun. It is a 9 mm handgun specifically designed for defending yourself and your home. There is a reduced feel of recoil after firing which, in turn, significantly reduces the fatigue that comes when firing.

It weighs just above one-and-a-half pounds. The overall gun is 7.34 inches, with the barrel being 4.1 inches. It comes with two magazines that can hold fifteen rounds. As this is a longer and heavier gun, it is not ideal to conceal and carry—it is made specifically for keeping at home and using when the need arises.

Choose Your Weapon

Make sure you research and try these guns further before making your final decision. We would suggest training with a gun if you are not a seasoned user. You also want to seek advice and recommendations from existing users of a gun model before deciding which is best for you.

And make sure you always observe the rules of safety and responsible gun ownership before you stock up.

Protect Yourself

Now that you know the best self-defense weapons out there, you are ready to choose the ones that best suit your needs. Remember that as Americans, we are truly lucky to have the right and the freedom to defend ourselves from any sort of attack or tyranny.

Let’s take advantage of this freedom and learn how to protect ourselves, our property, and our loved ones.

If you want to find out more about self-defense, make sure you learn how to prepare yourself.

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