308 Win – 175 gr BTHP – Federal Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing (GM308M2) – 200 Rounds

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  • Quantity – 200 Rounds (10 Boxes of 20 Rounds)
  • Manufacturer – Federal Gold Medal
  • Bullet – 175 Grain BTHP (Boat-Tail Hollow-Point)
  • Casing – New Boxer-Primed Brass

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Do you need the ultimate long range match grade .308 ammo? Look no further than our 175 grain Federal Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing boat tail hollow point. Grab one of our 200 round cases and be ready to take your long-range shooting to the next level!

Built with match shooters in mind, Federal uses a special Sierra boat tail hollowpoint round with a low ballistic coefficient. This allows for greater long range accuracy and a more stable bullet in flight.

Using a carefully made 175 grain Sierra boat tail hollowpoint MatchKing bullet, Federal brings handloading quality performance to the consumer market. MatchKing bullets are designed to dump energy into their target, while reliably expanding for a quick, clean kill when hunting, while also delivering laser-like accuracy.

Built for exacting long range benchrest match shooting, you’ll enjoy the unparalleled accuracy this ammo delivers. Buy it in the handy 200 round case and have plenty to shoot for your next match, and maybe a few rounds leftover to share with your buddies.

U.S. made, brass cased, boxer primed and reloadable, the heavier 175-grain BTHP moves at 2600 FPS and features a ballistic coefficient of 0.505.

Ammo Caliber

308 Winchester

Bullet Type


Bullet Weight

175 Grain







Manufacturer SKU






4 reviews for 308 Win – 175 gr BTHP – Federal Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing (GM308M2) – 200 Rounds

  1. Patrick Hicks (verified owner)

    Great Ammo. Great groups. Will see how far out it will reach at the end of the month in a LRS class

  2. RJ Coleman (verified owner)

    Very consistent ammo for being mass produced. Bulkmunitions is a great company indeed.

  3. carl wallin (verified owner)

    its the best

  4. Henry Hopkins (verified owner)

    Quality ammo at a reasonable price. Excellent delivery time.

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